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Hi Antenna Man! Shane from Dish North. Claude used to be able to sell me DirecTV receivers for my camper jobs, but he is now doing only commercial.

I have a camper that has an existing ATT Directv account. He is looking to have us add 2 H25 HD receivers and install the slimline dish. Can you help us out by either promo/selling us the receivers?

Customer's information is: information redacted for privacy of customer... please call or email directly

My information for contact is:

Shane Sundet
Dish North
414 1st Street West
Park Rapids, MN 56470

218-237-3474 cell
218-732-1991 office


Please reply as soon as you can as the customer is looking for us to solve his issue :)

Claude I no longer do directv but would be happy to send you $50 for any referral in my area N.E. Missouri 63501
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Claude this is jeff in ky Jambers installer.Been trying to get in touch with you to sell Directv I’m using Erin’s login for now .can you email or call me je6sm@aol.com or 6062710999
Claude, what's your email and phone? I'll pass it on to Jeff Smith my installer in Kentucky. He's got two sales.
Has anyone else had a problem with a check switch returning return this.
119 110 129 com 118 com
tuner1chk chk chk x x x
tuner2chk chk chk x x x
tuner3 x x x x chk x
I want to install hopper 3 ,but I neeed the international channels what kind of lnd I should use for 500+ ;
Hi Claude. Need a phone number that gets to you around the Dish Network phone cue. The number I have is 313-365-6000 and you have that ported out to your sales force. Thanks Rick Collier 540-624-0823 cell
Hi Andy, could you share a telephone contact number. I have a combination DirecTV & Dish Network project I could use a consult on. Thanks. Rick Collier ESGSAT 540 624 0823 cell
Jeff, Just saw I had an unread message. Don't know how I missed it.
Thanks, MIke
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